3D Graphics

Most of these graphics i made while I was going to Collins College where i learned 3D Studio Max and Maya. They were either various projects for class, or just for fun!

This is IMAGE HEAVY so please allow a moment to let these load!

the begining stages modeling of a motorcycle engine

Playstation 2

My iPod during college

A Guitar hero guitar controller


Below are all characters from TV shows. I'll link an image from the TV show so you can see what they look like!

Badtz Maru from Hello Kitty (References)

Diglett from Pokemon (Reference)

Dugtrio (Reference)

Magnemite (reference)

Magneton (reference)

Oddish (reference)

Wooper (reference)

Toilenator from Kids next door (Reference)

Knightbrace from Kids next door (reference)

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