Thanks for all your support and checking out my site! I've moved away from etsy, and now have all my items available on my site in the shop section. It's hosted through Shopify and can take about any form of payment. I still take custom requests, feel free to email me!

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Or if you'd like to tag me, feel free to use #Juliefoo to show off the items you ordered! 


Here's some of my newest patches: (Or click here to view the whole category!)

OK BoomerRapidashDunder Mifflin



I have some new Dice Bags too! (Or click here to view the whole category!)

Meowth  Rockruff Ice starters

Yes, I'm also making masks! I'm doing my best to produce them as fast as possible and ship out the next day. Here's a few i have available! If you'd like to view them all click here!


Pikachu Eevee Kitties



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